play Dead End Streets

My old house is for sale once more
For the fourth time in ten years
The sign on the lawn is a sign of the times
It’s a sign the neighbors look at and swear
Last year the happy, loving couple moved in
This year, happy loving couple just yells
“Next year the market will be better,” they say
Next year it’s gonna get colder in hell

I want to live on a dead end street
I want the traffic to be just my car
I want the crack of a stickball bat
I want to hear the big dogs, hear the big dogs bark
I want to swing on my own back porch
I want to hand out tricks-or-treats
I want to sleep with my house unlocked
I want to live on a dead end, live on a dead end street

Billy hit a ball over Old Ray’s fence
Good thing it was daytime or he woulda got caught
Well everybody knows Old Ray’s a little bent
He’s got TV cameras in his flower pots
Last week he was shooting off his Daisy BB Gun
Trying to pick off Billy and his cat
Everybody knows Old Ray’s a little bent
I never saw Billy’s dad run that fast


The people that work wonder where the money goes
People at the churches wear their Sunday clothes
People at the newsstand gossip all day
It’s the way it’s always been, it’s the way it’s gonna stay
And the people at the bars don’t ever talk about much
No, they talk about stars they ain’t never gonna touch
And the people on the move don’t want to stay in this place
The people on their porches never change their pace


updated: 8 years ago