play I'm Not Down

I used to think you didn't notice me when I saw you everyday
Then I hoped you might remember me just a little bit when you moved away
I swear to you I never dreamed I'd ever hear from you again
When I wrote back I wish I'd had the nerve to let you know how I felt back then

But I'm not down
I'm just not looking up too far
Every time I take a look at the sky
I'm reminded of how small we are
I'm not down
I'm just not looking up too far
I would rather hold your hand on this earth
Than keep reaching for the stars

I re-read all those postcards and letters you sent me in the past
I need to be reminded of how long it's been since I saw you last
Maybe it's coincidence, or synchronicity never fails
But you always call the day I drop a letter in the mail


I'm not sad, I'm not sorry, but I do have one regret
Maybe absence makes the heart grow stupid... it didn't make my heart forget
Now I don't want to be the one to say, "You're the one that got away."
I would rather be the one to ask, "What would it take to make you stay with me?"


updated: 9 years ago