play Love Right Now

Lately I’ve been thinking
About what’s going on these days
And I can’t help but wonder
What John Lennon might have to say?
Would he laugh at all this progress?
Would he scream at all these wars?
Would he just break out the oldies
On his next big money tour?
Well I think I know what he’d be looking for.
I think he would say we just need a little more
Love. Right now.

Take a look around us.
It’s like the whole world’s gone insane.
We’ve got earthquakes. We’ve got famine. We’ve got unspeakable hurricanes.
We’re amazed at our compassion.
We’re amazed with how we care.
But the real truth of the matter is
We all live in fear.
Well I know we think it’s all been said before.
I think we all know we just need a little more
Love. Right now.

What the world needs now
Is love sweet love, sweet love.
We can work it out.
All we really need is love.

updated: 9 years ago